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360° Leadership Performance Circle

Knowledge of what is supposed to be – knowledge of what is – knowledge of what helps – knowledge that will remain

The 360° LPC. We make the effectiveness of management trainings and coachings measurable.

HRDT's 360° Leadership Performance Circle (360° LPC) is a proprietary online tool for efficient and systematic feedback processes. It analyzes competences that have clearly emerged as being critical over the course of a leader’s career. The leader conducts a self-evaluation and is also assessed by his or her superior, teams and departments. The collected data show any deviations between self-evaluation and external perception. The 360° LPC is designed to bring all central aspects of development directly to the surface.

The 360° LPC can be used during all stages of executive and team development and is suitable for any feedback processes. This tool allows one to measure success and transfer performance at any point in time. It gives HR departments the opportunity to establish solid educational evaluation measures.

The 360° LPC in action

The 360° LPC is designed as an open inventory tool. All content can be customized and adjusted to the individual requirements of a business or a project and it can be easily integrated into existing processes. No technical skills are needed for using the 360° LPC. All you need is internet access and an email program to be able to use all functionalities without local and time restrictions. It is a highly flexible tool, enabling an efficient interview process for smaller groups of people and centralized management of bigger groups. The 360° LPC is very user-friendly. During all stages of the process, any information given by the participants and their personal data remain anonymous and confidential.

The results are presented as bar charts including mean values and specific value ranges.

What can HRDT do for you?

We support you during all four stages of executive and team development:

Consulting – knowledge of what is supposed to be

Together we will reflect on how your bespoke 360° LPC should be designed in order to match your competency model, your leadership guidelines, your HR and business strategy or your leadership program. We will tailor our online tool to your needs and create the feedback project for you, e.g. by defining target value clusters, administrating the procedure or building hierarchy trees.

Introduction – knowledge of what is

Self-evaluation and external assessment will shed light on the status quo. You will receive analyses of comparative data and we will carry out individual, group and area-specific assessments as well as an evaluation of the overall situation.

Design and implementation – knowledge of what helps

Our trainings and coachings for leaders, teams and departments target exactly the deviations and deficits previously identified.

Evaluation – knowledge that will remain

We will carry out another 360° LPC procedure about 12 weeks after the first cycle in order to evaluate the outcomes of the development program and to make success and transfer results visible. Your HR department will gain valid insight into the efficiency of the program.

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