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Reflector Big Five Personality

The job-specific Reflector Big Five Personality questionnaire investigates 5 personality traits.

The 5 personality traits are:

Need for stability (N)

  • How do we emotionally respond to stress
  • from resilient (N-) to reactive (N+)

Extraversion (E)

  • How do we respond to external stimuli
  • from extravert (E+) to introvert (E-)

Openness (O)

  • To what extent are we open to new experiences
  • from preserver (O-) to explorer (O+)

Agreeableness (A)

  • How do we interact with others
  • from challenger (A-) to adapter (A+)

Conscientiousness (C)

  • To what extent are we able to focus at work
  • from flexible (C-) to focused (C+)

In addition to the 5 Factors, the Reflector Big Five Personality comprises a detailed description of 24 Facets, as shown in 6 statements in the questionnaire, regarding thinking styles, behaviors, and attitudes. The results of the questionnaire are compared to those of a norm group. The second part of the assessment consists of a competency report. A role- or job-specific skillset is put together out of 43 competencies and is divided into the following competency categories:

  • Management and leadership
  • Business
  • Analysis and decision-making
  • Communication
  • Personality
  • Motivation

This also allows the Reflector Big Five to provide insight into the competency development of employees and leaders.

Reliability of the personality model:
This model shows an extraordinary high degree of reliability, making it particularly attractive for businesses that value quality and continuous improvement.

This personality model has shown to be able to predict future performance capacity. A number of studies, e.g. research conducted by Barrick and Mount (1991), show the correlation between the Big Five traits and several different professions.

This personality model can be used for:
recruitment of managers and leaders
human resource and executive development
development and enhancement of existing competency models
executive coaching
professional newcomers.

The Big Five model can also be applied in a variety of national, cultural, and language environments.

The Big Five personality model in its original form was developed by Gordon Allport and S. Odbert in 1936 and has been updated on a regular basis.

The questionnaire consists of 144 questions.

About 20 minutes

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