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Promoting practical implementation

As facilitators, our colleagues constantly strive to add additional layers and perspectives to our clients' and coachees' perceptions and actions. In order to achieve this, we use a variety of methods and strategies from the field of systemic consulting.

Our training and coaching methods

  • Systemic question formats
  • Person-centered conversation
  • Solution-oriented quick coaching
  • Transaction analysis
  • NLP and gestalt therapy elements
  • Mindfulness
  • Externalization with systemic constellations (roles, selves, team, organization)
  • Working with metaphors
  • Hypotheses formation
  • Feedback
  • Role plays and simulations
  • Collegial consultation
  • Individual case management
  • Theme-centered interaction
  • Experience-activating practical consulting
  • Experiential learning with METALOG® training tools
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