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Bain & Company

Bain & CompanyDear Mr. Seeboth,

Congratulations. The leadership workshop was great and I think that everybody was able to profit from his or her individual leadership lesson!

Thanks again. Kind regards,

Angela Faust
Teamleader HR.
Bain & Company, Inc., Munich

Mandarin Oriental

Dear Mr. Seeboth,

I am happy to inform you about the very positive feedback we received about the team and leadership workshop you held in Berchtesgaden at the beginning of the year. Our company's management thought it was great!

Of course, all colleagues were curious to know what this event would be all about. Some of them had already heard of the personality inventory called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but for others, working with psychological inventories was something completely new.

Already when we entered the room and listened to your introduction, we immediately felt that you knew how to approach us, and a very open, casual and curious atmosphere developed, partly thanks to the exciting and playful beginning of the event. We immediately understood that this was not about an individual's strengths and weaknesses, but about personality structures and the resulting preferences in team and leadership behaviors and how to use them in the best possible way.

Questions such as: How can we complement each other in our team? How can we learn from each other, benefiting the whole team, now that we are much more aware of different personality types? And at the same time understand our colleagues and partners in their daily work better?

Overall, it was a highly successful seminar – from the preparatory work which every participant had to do, to the individual coaching sessions that took place at our premises about 2 weeks after the seminar. We also received very positive feedback on the individual coachings that gave everybody the opportunity to receive practical advice and impulses from you for their everyday management tasks.

Furthermore, all participants were surprised to see that the individual MBTI profiles you evaluated were really accurate. None of the participants were unable to identify with his or her report.

Thank you for this great workshop, it benefits us all and we are very happy about it. We are open to working with you on potential follow-up workshops.

Best regards
Bernadette Müllerleile
Head of Human Resources

Dr. Schär AG / SPA

A company's success is mainly based on the leadership quality of its management. Accordingly, the Dr. Schär group values and focuses on executive development.

Mr. Henric Seeboth held two workshops and conducted individual coaching sessions as part of our leadership development program.

The success and the positive feedback given by participants speak for themselves. Mr. Seeboth was highly professional and charismatic and always focused on the group's needs.

Karin Goetsch
Corporate Personnel Development

Kliniken Essen-Mitte

Kliniken Essen-MitteHRDT have continuously advised and supported us during all development and implementation stages of an integrative cross-category management development program for all leading employees including top-level management. Following the consistent positive feedback we received from all 130 participants, the training and coaching concept became an integral part of our organization.

The team at HRDT showed a high degree of expertise, applying the right methods and conveying relevant content in an engaging, pragmatic and highly professional way.

We look forward to collaborating with HRDT Managementberatung GmbH in the future.

Best regards

Joachim Neugebauer, Executive Board Member at Clinics Essen-Mitte.

UKSH University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein

Universit├Ątsklinikum Schleswig-HolsteinDear Mr. Seeboth,

I would like to thank you for the team coaching you conducted with our HR management team at UKSH. This coaching has become another cornerstone for enhanced collaboration among our leaders.

I can definitely recommend such measures to other organizations and I would be happy to work with you again in future.

I wish you and your team all the best and a happy 2016.

Kind regards
Bernd Szczotkowski

Sana Kliniken AG

Starting in fall of 2012, we held two 1.5-day training cycles for about 160 employees. Employees in direct or close contact with patients received training first. We specifically did not include the management level during this first step in order to provide a relaxed atmosphere and room for open opinions among our employees.

The second training cycle featured the management level and content was adjusted accordingly. The agenda included processes such as leading by example, basics of situational type-based leadership, delegation talks and task delegation, as well as professional milestone discussions. Our management team worked on these topics over a two-day training course that also included discussions about expectations, conflict debates, critical feedback sessions, as well as conflict management.

Every team member who participated in the September/October 2014 training was committed to both working on and implementing the content of the training. "I am sure that everyone who took part learned a lot in this training," said Sibylle Beringer, one of the participants. "The group consisted of people from several different hierarchy levels, from department heads, senior physicians and ward managers, to PR professionals. Everybody learned something new, something they can apply in their every-day work."

HELIOS Privatkliniken GmbH

HELIOS PrivatklinikenMr. Henric Seeboth, Human Resource Development & Training, is involved in team, personal and leadership development, as well as customer orientation and sales for HELIOS Privatkliniken GmbH.

The clinic association HELIOS Privatkliniken GmbH is a member of the HELIOS Kliniken group. In addition to medical expertise and individual patient-centered care, our private clinics stand for tailored, high-quality service concepts at hotel standard level. We see the patient as our client and guest.

Mr. Seeboth was able to adopt the mindset of our organization, and designed a bespoke training program that helps to perceive individual modules and overall concepts as being authentic. Mr. Seeboth's training methods are precise, informed, effective and sustainable. All participants learned how to reflect on the topics presented, so that they can apply them in their respective fields, developing and growing in the process.

Mr. Seeboth demonstrated considerable experience in new training methods such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This innovative procedure makes potential visible and explicable. It can be applied in a variety of fields and can significantly increase motivation.

Mr. Seeboth manages to reach professional targets that he set for himself and that matter to us: to live and professionally achieve expertise, empathy and commitment. We would like to thank Mr. Seeboth for being a reliable, collaborative partner and we look forward to working with him on future projects. All the best,

Silvio Rahr
CEO Helios Privatkliniken


AquascotHRDT delivered a well-focused, very relevant workshop on CEO succession planning. The outcome was a high-quality definition of the competencies required for the CEO to lead Aquascot. The workshop was highly participative, fully engaging the Board members in animated debate. We would hope to work with HRDT again in the future.

Best regards,
Dennis Overton

Dennis Overton
Aquascot Ltd, Fyrish Way, Alness, Scotland

Switzerland-Austria-Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce

Dear Mr. Seeboth,

Just a brief, but very warm note to you to express that I really appreciated your seminar. It was very exciting and intense with quite a lot to digest, tough it never stayed at the surface. Everything was well thought out – and with sufficient self-discipline, it will definitely be practically applicable.

Thank you very much!

Best regards
Urs Weber
Secretary General of the Switzerland-Austria-Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce

Alois Dallmayr KG

As part of our executive development program, HRDT held an MBTI workshop followed by individual coaching sessions for our company. The feedback given by the participants about the workshop and its outcome was highly positive. A particularly positive factor was the practical applicability of the material.

We can recommend Mr. Seeboth as a competent, charismatic and methodologically experienced trainer who knows how to convey and illustrate content in a memorable way. The workshop is a real 'eye-opener' and helps to improve social skills and leader effectiveness.

Florian Randlkofer
Executive Board Member
Alois Dallmayr KG


A leading provider of financial services in wealth management, investment banking, asset management and business banking

"We consider Mr. Seeboth to be an absolutely reliable and highly competent business partner and really appreciate the pragmatic, customer-based and success-oriented approach he adopts in his trainings and seminars. His conceptual skills effectively support our complex requirements and make him a really valuable partner. We can definitely recommend him as a business partner."

Guido Imhof


I am happy to confirm that HRDT successfully conducted our Mövenpick Professional Development Center. What I would like to point out is his enthusiasm and the pragmatic and customer-oriented approach of his trainings. I really appreciated working with Mr. Seeboth and I am happy to recommend him to other businesses.

Rosario Bennati
Former Corporate Director Human Resources
Mövenpick Gastronomy International

Pfizer Germany

Henric Seeboth has trained our employees on negotiation based on the Harvard concept.

The participants of the training appreciate his expertise, methodological competence and social skills, and we are happy to continue to collaborate with him.

Klaus Amend
Training and Development Manager
Pfizer Training Center

Galeria Kaufhof

For more than 2 years*, Mr. Seeboth from HRDT has consulted and supported the leaders of our company. He is a very competent trainer who always conducts his trainings highly successfully, being fully committed and showing a high degree of flexibility.

His friendly and helpful personality really resonates with our participants. The learning effect is really high due to the diverse and interesting presentation of all materials. The content of the training and consulting sessions matches the actual requirements of our participants in their day-to-day job, so they can implement directly what they have learned.

*in his former role as partner of TC- Managementberatung GmbH

Günther Biere
Managing Director
Kaufhof Frankfurt

Human Resources Germany

A leading global company in the plasma therapy products industry

Dear Mr. Seeboth,

Following our project (MBTI management workshops and individual coachings), I would like to thank you for your highly professional and active support.

The feedback given by the 60 managers who participated in the program (executive level, top and middle management) was highly positive. We were able to start valuable discussions and the participants have actively worked with the results of the project, which already demonstrate positive effects in their daily work. So we achieved more than we had hoped for.

You impressively mastered the challenge of offering an international, very experienced and demanding team of leaders a clear benefit with the MBTI. Apart from the MBTI tool and its effectiveness, what stood out was the way you structured and conducted the workshops and coaching sessions that really resonated with participants. We have already received a number of requests from different departments of our company to expand the use of these tools to larger employee groups. We are happy to support this process on the part of our HR Management.

Based on our very positive experience, we are happy to be one of your references.

Best regards,
Rolf Ernst Pfeiffer
Head of Human Resources Germany


ALBA - your partner for environmentally friendly disposal, recycling and innovative service. Reference letter for Henric Seeboth, SEEBOTH HR Development & Training.

We have worked with HRDT for one year as part of our executive development program. Mr. Seeboth has conducted MBTI-based workshops and coachings for our future top managers and supported strategy teams in introducing the MBTI.

We really benefit from the link to our current projects thanks to the customized measures Mr. Seeboth developed for our team of leaders. Participants have quickly integrated the content presented by Mr. Seeboth in their everyday work. We are very happy to keep working with Mr. Seeboth, as we really appreciate his professionalism and disciplined way of working.

We are convinced that his enthusiasm, humor and pragmatic way of conveying knowledge helped make the training for our current and future top managers so successful.

Katja Färber
Head of Personnel Management

World Vision

World Vision is an internationally recognized Christian charity that works with organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP).

The workshop featuring the MBTI personality profile (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) that Henric Seeboth held in our organization was highly interesting, relevant and informative. We received an in-depth understanding of type differences at work, a helpful and instructive team analysis, as well as practical advice for recruiting processes.

Today, we are able to independently analyze the MBTI assessments of our candidates, which we receive from Mr. Seeboth within 24 hours, and integrate these into our recruiting process. We are happy to recommend Mr. Seeboth to other organizations and look forward to working together with him in future.

Andre Mebold

Panetta Holding AG

Dear Mr. Seeboth,

For 3 years, you have trained and coached our leading team (executive and top management) and achieved great success.

The fact that in our daily leadership tasks we actively resort to the instruments and techniques you presented to us clearly shows that your bespoke leadership concepts were tailored to our needs.

We are very happy about the practical relevance of the training and coaching content, and every time we have been impressed with your methodological and didactic expertise. Your professionalism, authenticity, catchy enthusiasm, as well as your personal commitment make you a really important business partner for our company.

I look forward to further training and consulting projects with you and SEEBOTH - Human Resource Development & Training.

Best regards,
Clemens Hauser
CEO Panetta Holding AG

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Dear Mr. Seeboth,

Following our first joint project (MBTI individual training and coaching), I would like to thank you on behalf of our people. For many of us, MBTI was a mysterious acronym that we did not really understand.

Today, the 16 personality types have become reality for us and they are the basis for further enhancement of our customer relationships and communication, our internal collaboration within our department as well as my leadership skills. I received very positive oral and written feedback from the participants. You presented yourself as a very committed, competent, customer-oriented and professional trainer. Thank you very much!

We are happy to be one of your references and look forward to our future collaboration.

Kind regards
Regine Wölle
Head of Regional Health Policy

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