Autumn/Winter 2018/19
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My inspiration is always to create Effortless Elegance. Creating a „classic“ is a challenge. I feel like an explorer, always on a search for the perfect fabrics, colors and pieces to spark my ideas and bring them to life.
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It may be a stylish dress in a vintage fashion magazine, a soft curve in a painting, a fabulous color in a movie....all these pieces are like a puzzle to me and suddenly it all comes together in a perfect sketch for Classy Cuts.
Party Dress, Sundress, Business Dress, DaydressShift Dress Leah fuchsiaShift Dress Audrey fuchsia/flannel pinstripeDay Dress Irina fuchsiaShift Dress Ginger fuchsiaAlice High HeelAlice High Heel dotsBallerina Evu silverBallerina Jersey pink

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #3 Here you find the Shopping List:
1. Shift Dress Leah classycuts
    High Heels Alice bodendirect

2. Shift Dress Audrey classycuts
     Ballerina Evu silber bally

3. Daydress Irina classycuts 
    Ballerina Jersey simplysoles

4. Shift Dress Ginger classycuts
    High Heels Alice Pünktchen bodendirect
Shift Dress Audrey flannel pinstripeWoven Back Turtleneck flannelWoven Back Turtleneck blackWoven Back Turtleneck flannelShift Dress Audrey lucky clover/flannel pinstripeShift Dress Audrey ebony/flannel pinstripeShift Dress Audrey cobalt blue/flannel pinstripeBoots Danisa knee high brownBoots Danisa knee high brownBoots Danisa knee high blackWoolmark Beret blackPinterest Wooden Door

Here you find the shopping list:
1. Shift Dress Audrey classycuts
    Woven Back Turtleneck tibi
    Boots Danisa bally

2. Shift Dress Audrey classycuts
     Woolmark Beret seeberger
     Woven Back Turtleneck tibi
     Boots Danisa bally

3. Shift Dress Audrey classycuts
     Woven Back Turtleneck tibi
     Boots Danisa bally
Create 3 easy smart looks with two basics Jacket Hannah & Skirt MartineCashmere Turtleneck Sweater blackVintage Chanel Shoulder Bag blackBallerinas Red OlgaEliza Shirt red dotsShoes Belle VellefauxBag BayswaterScarf La Vertigo MarronBreton Shirt navyBoston Bag navyLace up Shoes navy silverSkirt Martine cherrySkirt Martine cherrySkirt Martine cherryShort Jacket Hannah cherry

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #6 Here you find the shopping list:
   Short Jacket Hannah classycuts
   Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater stylebop
   Skirt Martine classycuts
   Vintage Chanel Shoulder Bag shop-her
   Ballerina Shoes Olga

2. Flattering
    Short Jacket Hannah classycuts
    Eliza Shirt bodendirect
    Skirt Martine classycuts
    Bag Bayswater mulberry
    Shoes Belle Vellefaux adoredvintage

3. Relaxed
    Short Jacket Hannah classycuts
    Scarf La Vertigo Marron a piece of chic
    Breton shirt bodendirect
    Skirt Martine classycuts
    Bag manoftheworld
    Shoes Lace up bodendirect
Skirt Martine cherryJacket Hannah cherryShift Dress Leah jadegreenBolero Dorothy ebonySkirt Florine jadegreenShift dress Ginger fuchsiaShift Dress Audrey Pinstripe/EbonySkirt Dorothy moss greenJacket Hannah fuchsiaShift Dress Leah ebonyShift Dress Ginger jadegreenDay Dress Irina cherrySchoolboy Blazer Jackie moss greenSkirt Dorothy ebonyShift Dress Leah cherrySkirt Jackie jadegreenSkirt Martine ebonyBolero Dorothy moss greenShift Dress Ginger cherryJacket Hannah ebonySkirt Jackie cherrySkirt Florine cherryDay Dress Irina ebonyShift Dress Audrey Fuchsia/Flannel Pinstripe

For the next 24 days you can open every day a new model and find all the details to each product.
The clear lines as well as the silky sheen of the fine cloth loden make these dresses, skirts and jackets a classic. Combined with snow-white you are perfectly dressed for the holidays.

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #6 Here you find the shopping list:
  0. Interior Photo pinterest
  1. Cosy stitch hat bodendirect
  2. Fair-Isle-sweater bodendirect
  3. Skirt Florine classycuts
  4. Boots Laura gant
  5. Cosy stitch scarf bodendirect
  6. Bag Calèche-express hèrmes
  7. Tea Twinings pinterest
  8. Bracelet La Diamantine simplysoles
  9. Purse House of Astrid adoredvintage
10. Blouse Cala vanlaack
11. Short jacket Hannah classycuts
12. Skirt Florine classycuts
13. Ballerinas bodendirect

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #5  Here you find the shopping list:
1. BMW Isetta 1956 pinterest
2. Bolero Dorothy classycuts
3. Silk Scarf Koi a piece of chic
4. Book This is Edinburgh M. Sasek
5. Top Portland mulberry
6. Rock Dorothy classycuts
7. Ankle Boots burberry
8. Hat Sissi kopfgeschichten
9. Bag Bayswater mulberry

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #4  Here you find the shopping list:
1. Spellbound Silk Cape adoredvintage
2. Red Stripe Cloche Maggie Mowbray Millinery
3. Day Dress Irina classy cuts
4. Bike Bixby shinola
5. Gloves Classic Driver Peccary Roeckl
6. Shoes Chuck Taylor Ox converse
7. Silk Scarf Cafer Racer a piece of chic

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #3  Here you find the shopping list:
1. Short Jacket Hannah classy cuts
2. Shift Dress Audrey classy cuts
3. Blouse Alice
4. Beeswax Lip Balm Tin
5. Slouchy Leather Bag bodendirect
6. Shoes Slippers bodendirect
7. Scosha Fishtail Button Bracelet

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #2  Here you find the shopping list:
1. Ballerinas Infinitif hermès
2. Book Mary Poppins in the park
3. Shift Dress Ginger classy cuts
4. Blouse English Biscuits adoredvintage
5. Purse Bright Lotus adoredvintage
6. Cardigan bodendirect
Stripes, Herringbones, pencil skirt, boots, scarf, weekend bag, bretonshirt,

CLASSY CUTS LOOK SERIE #1  Here you find the shopping list:
1. Long Sleeve Breton bodendirect
2. Schoolboy Blazer Jackie classy cuts
3. Silk Scarf Cube a piece of chic
4. Pencil Skirt Jackie classy cuts
5. Boots Her hermès
6. Bag Arion hermès


Since my lovely customers asked for inspirations, I start with a "Classy Cuts Look" series. I personally create this series of mood boards to help you cultivate your own EFFORTLESS ELEGANCE style.

Keep in touch for the first mood board to come in September.

"THE ART OF EXCELLENCE" - Summer Wool from Italy

Wool, Mohair and Cashmere form the basis for suits of the luxury class. The basic tenet: The thinner the thread, the higher the quality. The noblest cloth comes from the quiet mountain region around the small town of Biella in the Piemont. There is a weaving mill in the village of Valle Mosso, founded in 1876, which today is still owned by the same family. They source the wool from Australia and New Zealand, Cashmere from inner Mongolia and Mohair from South Africa. Simple wooden boxes are stacked in meters long shelves holding the fine threads. For months they are stored in a mild ambience at 18 degree Celsius before they are interwoven. Not only the unique quality of these cloths, but also the textile knowhow acquired over so many years, as well as, the feeling for style have aroused my enthusiasm.